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“We work together as a group of organized people in pragati. Almost we cooperate to grow successful entrepreneur, We also help to take loan from bank and other sector to create running industry.Every one likes our institute as their remarks are the medal to us. We believe in Field work – and Actual Field Work is the measure of our existence since many decades. We are ready to grow a successful entrepreneur ( This decision depends upon you !! ) “

NSIC - PRAGATI - By the name it represents the symbolic recognition from the "NSIC" , we got the recognition just few year's back. But the main project is initiated approximately 20years back from to-day.

We never claim for the success , we believe that the benefitted pupil will be our asset in the realistic world as to represent the prime objective of our center , thus we believe to give maximum benefit to the budding enterpreneur to reach to their ultimate success. If they succedded in their life they will become our organizational backbone to represent us in this society, they will become our glory .

We neither believe in words nor in fate , we believe in hard working and fulfill the commitment to our society to grow us all. If our society grows we will..This is the prime motto we strongly believe. We are therefore on our way , with lots of responsibility in an uneven too rough path. We crossed far distance in this path , and we will have to go far more in this path taking care of our responsibilities with a responsible manner...

We are providing excellent training equipped with modern machinery fitted laboratory structure , and properly trained faculty menber to guide the students of our institute.

Tachnical Courses We Provide
Hair Oil
Gulab Jal
liquid Soap
Wax Candle
Insence Stick
Room Freshner
Foundation Cream
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